Published Books

An Unwalled City (Prolific Press, 2015)

Published Poems

Minerva Rising: “It’s Lonely to Be Alive and Never Know the Whole Story,” forthcoming

Cloudbank: “Unbeknownst to Me, a SpaceX Launch Happens as I’m Driving,” forthcoming

Stay Thirsty Poets Vol. 1: “Child, I’m Sorry that I’m Writing You,” “Dream 1: Anesthesia” (reprinted from Poetry Quarterly), and “New Light” (reprinted from The Tishman Review)

Pamplemousse: "Parental Concern"

Mojave River Review: “High Desert” and “Comings and Goings

Sky Island Journal: “Animals

Caustic Frolic: “The Last Cicadas” and “Crown Heights Vignette

Manzano Mountain Review: “Some Spell

Unlost Journal: “A Question of Wholeness

Meow Meow Pow Pow: “A Crow or A Poet

Lummox 7 Poetry Anthology: “Language” (reprinted from New Mexico Review)

Calamus: “The Unguessable Country of Marriage”

New Mexico Review: “Language” and “Thunderbird Egg

The Tishman Review: “New Light” and “Indian Summer”

Hotel Amerika: “History” and “The Enemy”

Southwestern American Literature: "Bagdad, AZ," "Pink Grapefruit," and "Wickenburg, AZ"

Digital Americana: "Next Door" and "Weaver's Needle"

Kahini: "Stealing Fruit"

Gambling the Aisle: "Plurality" and "Mistakes"

The Literary Review: "The foxes" (reprinted from NANO Fiction)

Western Press Literary Anthology: “Nepantla” (reprinted from red.)

Mom Egg Review: “Geneses”

A Narrow Fellow: “The Deafening” and “Cardboard Box I Call Future”

The Broadkill Review: “Dream,” “Pest Vignettes,” “Jellyfish,” “Quickening,” and “Undine”

Press 1: Dream” and “Yen

The Bakery: “An Unwalled City”

Rougarou: “Wet Dream

Cricket Online Review: Baby Bump

Clockhouse Review: “Eggshells”

Buddhist Poetry Review: “Samsara: an elegy,” “Zoanthropy,” and “Seedpod”

Poetry Quarterly: “Dream 1-Anesthesia” and “Polymerase (Chain Reaction)”

OVSMagazine: “Pest vignettes”

QuarterAfter Eight: “Regeneration”

NANO Fiction: “The foxes”

red.: “DNA Microarrays,” “Gename,” and “Nepantla”

42opus: “A Clarinet”

CHAIN: “Lepidopterists”

MATTER: “Swallowing Stone”