Published Books

A New Kind of Tongue (FlowerSong Press, 2023)

An Unwalled City (Prolific Press, 2015)

Published Poems

“Resonance,” Giving Voice to Image, Issue 10, October 2022.

“Your Chair” and “The Parade,” Sin Fronteras, Issue 26, August 2022.

The Dillydoun Review: A Dream” 

Unlost Journal: Silence, I Discover, Is Something You Can Actually Hear” 

Sleet Magazine: Self-Isolation

Minerva Rising: “It’s Lonely to Be Alive and Never Know the Whole Story"

Cloudbank: “Unbeknownst to Me, a SpaceX Launch Happens as I’m Driving”

Stay Thirsty Poets Vol. 1: “Child, I’m Sorry that I’m Writing You,” “Dream 1: Anesthesia” (reprinted from Poetry Quarterly), and “New Light” (reprinted from The Tishman Review)

Pamplemousse: "Parental Concern"

Mojave River Review: “High Desert” and “Comings and Goings” 

Sky Island Journal: “Animals” 

Caustic Frolic: “The Last Cicadas” and “Crown Heights Vignette” 

Manzano Mountain Review: “Some Spell” 

Unlost Journal: “A Question of Wholeness

Meow Meow Pow Pow: “A Crow or A Poet” 

Lummox 7 Poetry Anthology: “Language” (reprinted from New Mexico Review)

Calamus: “The Unguessable Country of Marriage” 

New Mexico Review: “Language” and “Thunderbird Egg” 

The Tishman Review: “New Light” and “Indian Summer” 

Hotel Amerika: “History” and “The Enemy” 

Southwestern American Literature: "Bagdad, AZ," "Pink Grapefruit," and "Wickenburg, AZ" 

Digital Americana: "Next Door" and "Weaver's Needle" 

Kahini: "Stealing Fruit"

Gambling the Aisle: "Plurality" and "Mistakes"

The Literary Review: "The foxes" (reprinted from NANO Fiction)

Western Press Literary Anthology: “Nepantla” (reprinted from red.)

Mom Egg Review: “Geneses”

A Narrow Fellow: “The Deafening” and “Cardboard Box I Call Future” 

The Broadkill Review: “Dream,” “Pest Vignettes,” “Jellyfish,” “Quickening,” and “Undine”

Press 1: "Dream" and "Yen" 

The Bakery: “An Unwalled City” 

Rougarou: “Wet Dream” 

Cricket Online Review: Baby Bump” 

Clockhouse Review: “Eggshells” 

Buddhist Poetry Review: "Samsara: an elegy," "Zoanthropy," and "Seedpod"

Poetry Quarterly: “Dream 1-Anesthesia” and “Polymerase (Chain Reaction)” 

OVSMagazine: “Pest vignettes” 

QuarterAfter Eight: “Regeneration” 

NANO Fiction: “The foxes” 

red.: “DNA Microarrays,” “Gename,” and “Nepantla” 

42opus: “A Clarinet” 

CHAIN: “Lepidopterists” 

MATTER: “Swallowing Stone”